Writing cv’s – the long dispute of should a cv be two pages or not. In my view it doesn’t matter if a cv is longer than 2 pages as long as the information is relevant. Nobody wants to trawl through pages and pages of information but 3 pages I would say is certainly acceptable. We always like to put the most recent employment history first – most people do but some people write it the other way around and that means you have to read through a lot before getting to the relevant employment history. Bullet points are always good – it makes for easier reading appose to paragraphs of text. Think about if something is relevant or not… many years ago you got a certificate in something not relevant to your next job then don’t add it – just because it was once relevant it doesn’t mean it is now. Have someone look at your cv – a fresh set of eyes picks up grammar mistakes or an overlap on dates.  We write cv’s all day everyday so if you have any questions about how to write or layout your cv please do get in touch.  Best wishes, Michala