It’s simple to keep track of the latest opportunities with email alerts for legal jobs across the South West. Find out the benefits of signing up for our alerts and how to get started.

Looking for a new job sometimes feels like a full time job in itself… Keeping up to date with relevant vacancies can be time-consuming and, while it’s important to act quickly when you see a suitable role, we know from speaking to our candidates it’s not always possible to check our website every day for the latest opportunities.

That’s where our email job alerts come in! These deliver all the relevant roles straight to your inbox, making it much easier to keep on top of your job hunting tasks.

Why get our email alerts for the latest legal jobs?

Get notifications of relevant jobs on a regular basis

We get sent recruitment information for legal roles from law firms across the South West, which we then add to our jobs page. With our job alerts, if any of the vacancies match your criteria, you receive an email to let you know about the role while it is still newly advertised. This allows you to act quickly if you’d like to find out more.

Tailor the alerts to only see the roles and locations you are interested in

You just get job alerts for positions that match your requirements, saving you the time and effort of scrolling through lots of job ads. When you set up your alert(s), you can choose the relevant job title and add details such as location and keywords.

Keep track of the latest opportunities

Our job alerts mean there’s no need to remember to check our jobs page – instead let the jobs come to you, with up to date and relevant roles emailed directly to your inbox. It’s also a useful tool if you are not actively job hunting yet but want to see what sort of opportunities are out there.

Your details and job alerts are completely confidential

We know how important confidentiality is when you’re thinking about changing firms. Rest assured that when you set up an account to receive our job alerts by email, your details remain private. The data is not stored, it is only used to generate the job alerts. This is not the same as registering with us, so we don’t see any of the information you provide.

If you want us to look for a new role on your behalf, you will need to register with us separately.

 How to set up our email alerts for legal jobs

It’s simple to set up your personalised job alerts:

  1. Go to the Job Alerts section of our website and click on the sign up button.
  2. Enter your email address when prompted – you will then receive an email with a link to set your password. (If you don’t see this, check in your junk folder and don’t forget to add us to your safe list for future emails.)
  3. Once you have set your password, you will be able log in and create your job alert(s). Select ‘Add alert’ and then fill in the form to match your job search criteria.
  4. You can give your alert a name, select one or more categories/roles, add keywords and define a location. You can also set up more than one alert; for example, if you would like to keep an eye out for different roles or search for jobs in different locations.
  5. Select how often you want to receive the alerts. This gives you control over when you receive the alerts but also means you’ll see suitable jobs when they are still fresh.
  6. Wait for the latest, exciting opportunities to land in your inbox!

If you’re interested in any of the roles that you see in your job alerts, you then contact us so we can take you through the application process, giving you the best chance of securing an interview and helping you prepare for this.

Other ways we help you find the right legal role

Our jobs page and email alerts give you access to all our advertised vacancies and are particularly useful when you are first thinking about making a move.

A significant portion of our placements actually do not come from advertised positions, however. When you register with us, we proactively search for the right role and the right law firm for you, based on our conversations about what’s important to you and your career goals. This involves speculative approaches to law firms that we know will be interested to hear from you and is one of the benefits of working with a specialist legal recruiter such as Legal Southwest.

But whether you choose to sign up to our email alerts or register with us, we’re here to help with different job hunting options so you can find the right legal role for you.

Legal Southwest is a specialist legal recruiter, bringing together talented professionals with like-minded organisations. Take a look at our current vacancies or contact us to find out how we can help you.